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FWC officer performs life-saving rescue on young girl!


Lieutenant Bowlin had just checked out at his house to perform administrative duties when he heard what appeared to be a woman screaming from down the street.  He paused for a few seconds to see if it would subside, but it did not.

He expeditiously made his way towards the sound of the screams with the initial thought was that it possibly a domestic disturbance.  As he neared, he could hear a woman screaming, “She’s not breathing.”

Comprehending that it was a medical emergency, he began to run down the street to her and observed another woman in the yard of the residence who was also frantic and stating “She’s not breathing.”

He informed the woman that he was a police officer and instructed her to call 911 as he ran inside the home. He quickly located the mother of the victim sitting in front of the bathroom door with a young girl partially sitting in her lap.

The girl’s her head was slumped forward. She was obviously unconscious and unresponsive.  The mother was hysterically repeating, “She’s not breathing, she’s not breathing.”  Lieutenant Bowlin informed the mother that he was a police officer and immediately grabbed the young girl under both arms and pulled her laterally across the floor into the living room. He opened her airway and began to provide rescue breaths.

The young victim responded rapidly and once again began breathing on her own. Lieutenant Bowlin transitioned her to a recovery position where she was able to breathe as she continued to expel excess fluids from her airway.

As the condition of the young girl continued to improve, Lieutenant Bowlin maintained her in a recovery position while awaiting medical personnel to arrive. The young girl, who apparently suffered from a seizure and fell face first in the shower, is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant Bowlin.