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Gun Magazine Prices Too High? Print Your Own at Home

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Earlier this month Defense Distributed, a group founded to explore the science of producing gun parts from a 3D printer, successfully printed a plastic 30-round magazine for the AR-15. While the design is still in early production, the plastic mag seems to work relatively well.

According to the Economist, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson named the first magazine “Cuomo” after New York’s current governor, who is a staunch supporter of the state’s new gun control laws.

However, the time frame for printing your own gun parts may be limited. Various state legislatures are beginning to feel unease from the accessibility of gun parts made with 3D printers. Defense Distributed’s goal of ultimately creating a fully downloadable and printable firearm and distributing that information though a “wiki” platform is also cause for some lawmakers to worry, even if it is in early development. New York congressman Steve Israel (D-NY 3rd District) plans on creating legislation that will outlaw plastic gun parts and magazines, which could shut down the plastic printers.

Wilson and other 3D printing pioneers remain unfazed and are pushing forward with additional designs.

See the video below for a demonstration of the printed magazine:

For more information on printing gun parts, please visit this article.

Courtesy of Outdoor Hub Reporters on February 15, 2013 – submitted by: Daniel Xu