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Huge shark gives kayak angler a major surprise

Predator jumps while attacking hooked fish only a few feet away, in an event captured on videotape

April 10, 2013 by

Isaac Brumaghim was fighting a small tuna from his kayak Sunday when all of a sudden the fish became “heavy” and he could no longer gain line. Suddenly, immediately behind him, the tuna jumped and the surface erupted as a huge shark emerged and filled the frame on a mounted camera. Brumaghim, who was fishing off western Oahu, had captured this dramatic event–and his reaction—on video (warning, footage contains an expletive).

“I swear I could hear the shark’s jaws chomp closed,” said Brumaghim, who believes the predator was either a tiger shark or Galapagos shark.

What the footage does not show, however, is that after the tuna, or kawakawa, had shaken free of his hook, the shark devoured the fish and swam in a circle around Brumaghim before swimming off.

“It was as if the shark was taunting me,” Brumaghim said. “It gave me the heebie-jeebies.”

Brumaghim, 37, is a Penn-sponsored angler and director of Aquahunters, a club for serious kayak fishermen. He has seen lots of sharks, and had lost many fish to sharks, but had never heard of one jumping out of the water in pursuit of a hooked fish.

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He and a friend were the only anglers in the vicinity on Sunday, trying to bolster their standing in the 2013 Makahiki World Championships, a season-long competition that awards points depending on the types and weights of fish caught.

The friend did not see the jumping shark because he had been battling a smaller shark at the time.

“And I had already lost another fish to a shark,” Brumaghim said. “There were lots of sharks around that day.”

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–Hat tip to Canoe & Kayak magazine. You can read their interview with Brumaghim here.