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Hunt permits still available for Nassau WMA


For immediate release: January 30, 2014
Contact: Karen Parker, 386-758-0525
Hunt permits still available for Nassau WMA

Hunters looking for a place to hunt small game and spring turkey still have a chance to purchase a recreational use permit (RUP) for the remainder of the 2013-14 hunting season on Nassau Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Nassau County.

Nassau WMA consists of 8,155 acres near Jacksonville. People must possess an RUP specific to Nassau WMA to hunt on this area. One dependent child under the age of 16 may hunt with the RUP holder. These RUPs are valid through the 2013-14 season that ends April 20.
Hunting opportunities still available during this 2013-14 season include small game, trapping and spring turkey seasons. This is a still-hunt area, but hunters may use bird dogs and waterfowl retrievers during small game season.

“There are only 200 permits issued for this area, but the good news is there are permits remaining,” said Matthew Chopp, regional public hunting areas biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

The RUP program is designed to provide revenue to private landowners so their lands remain open to public hunting in the WMA system. Quota hunt permits are not necessary to hunt on Nassau WMA or other WMAs within the RUP program, since only RUP holders may hunt these areas. On Nassau WMA, outdoor recreational activities other than hunting are available to RUP holders and their spouses and dependent children during periods open to hunting.

To learn more about Nassau WMA, please go to MyFWC.com and click on “Licenses & Permits.”  Then click on “Limited Entry/Quota Hunts.” Go to the Recreational Use section about halfway down the page and click on “Nassau Recreational Use Permit.” This will take you to the application.