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King mackerel management changes effective May 11

Several commercial and recreational changes to king mackerel management in Florida state and federal waters will take effect May 11. These changes are consistent with federal regulation changes that are effective the same day.

Approved changes include:

  • Setting the Gulf/Atlantic state waters management boundary line, which used to shift from the west coast during the summer season to the east coast during the winter season, to be at the Monroe/Miami-Dade county line year-round.
  • Increasing the recreational bag limit in Gulf state waters and Monroe County from two to three fish per person.
  • Clarifying that commercial harvesters taking king mackerel must adhere to federal commercial vessel limits when fishing in state waters.

For more on these changes, visit MyFWC.com/Fishing and click on “Saltwater Fishing” and either “Recreational Regulations” or “Commercial Regulations,” and then “Mackerel, King.”