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Man catches fish from his couch, while watching football game

Life definitely is good for Jason Schall and, most likely, you’d have to be a guy to understand.

Take this past Saturday, for example. Schall, who has a home on Daniel Island in Charleston S.C., loves to fish and watch football. He decided to do both at the same time and, while watching the Clemson-Boston College game from his couch, he reeled in a very impressive red drum (see image).
Jason Schall poses with red drum caught from his sofa, while watching football. Credit: Jason Bennett
“My life’s work is now done,” Schall told the Post and Courier. “I ran a line with bait from the living room out a crack in the door, through the yard and into the lake behind my house. I felt a bite while sitting on the couch watching football, set the hook and caught the fish.”

Of course, the Clemson Tigers, the local team, prevailed.

As for Schall, 38, the feat capped a remarkable stretch of fishing. A week before his living room catch the retired financial planner took first and second place in a Charleston catch-and-release competition.

He also received a letter from the International Game Fish Association, informing him that three recent catches made during a trip to Las Vegas–two striped bass and one largemouth bass–have been approved as Nevada state records.

But the living room catch was icing on the cake.

“He was teasing about wanting to catch a fish from the couch and I said, ‘Go ahead, do it,’ ” said Jason Bennett, who had been watching the game with Schall. “He wasn’t on the couch three minutes and all of a sudden I saw the line go tight. He yanked on it and set the hook. That was an amazing thing.”

Schall, as he does with most of his catches, set the red drum free after posing for the photo.


By: Pete Thomas, GrindTV.com