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Missouri Angler Catches Biggest Fish in State History

*(By Jeff Phillips jphillips1@schurz.com – Courtesy of http://www.ky3.com/)

CAPE FAIR, Mo. – An Eastern Missouri angler can tell the story of the one that did NOT get away from him on Table Rock Lake.Andy Belobraydic of Richwoods, MO reeled in a record setting fish on Saturday. He landed a 140 pound, 8.8 ounce paddlefish at the Bridgeport Resort at Cape Fair, on the north end of Table Rock. Resort owner Mark Schmidt says the Missouri Department of Conservation verified it as the new record, beating the old record by a pound and a half. Belobraydic caught the fish by snagging it with a single, one-inch, unbaited hook.

Missouri Angler Catches Biggest Fish in State History!
Andy Belobraydic of Richwoods, MO holds the record 140 pound paddlefish he caught at Cape Fair Saturday. 

To top it off, a check of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s list of the biggest fish of all species caught in the state shows Belobraydic’s prize is the biggest fish of any kind on record ever caught in the state of Missouri.

The fish was 6’6” from the tip of the bill to the top of its tail. The official length, measured from the eyes to the fork in the tail, was 56 3/4 “. It was almost four feet in diameter.