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camo sunday

Rev. Dwayne Kight (pictured with his wife, April) serves as pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Old Town (Dixie County), Florida.

“As an avid hunter, I love to sit in a stand and run my dogs. When I was called into the Ministry the one thing I wanted to do was to stay true to my roots.

One day as I was preaching, I was looking out over our congregation and saw a bunch of country boys and girls in dresses and Dockers and realized that is not who we really are. They already refer to me as their ‘Redneck Pastor,’ and they even bought me the camo sports coat in the photo above for my birthday. I thought they would rather be in camo, so I made a event that we celebrate annually and declared it “Camouflage Sunday.”

On the last Sunday before general gun season kicked off, I decorated the front of the pulpit with deer heads, ducks, otters, fish, a turkey and hay bales. We took a day to celebrate our heritage, our love of the outdoors and the wonderful creation that God allows us to enjoy.

When people showed up in their favorite camo and their snake boots or water boots, I looked out that morning and said, “Now this is who we really are!” And that is what God really wants us to be – our true selves.

Since arriving at Faith Baptist we have grown tremendously, much of it due to the fact that I stay true to my hunting heritage and don’t try to be anything more than a ‘redneck preacher.’

I speak country, own a pack of deer dogs, hold up the Bible, teach Jesus and treat people with southern hospitality. That’s the secret to church. Thought you might enjoy the picture. God Bless!!”