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Scallop sting

Scallop sting16 over-the-limit scallop cases made over holiday weekend

A boating safety and natural resource law enforcement detail conducted by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) law enforcement officers during the holiday weekend resulted in six over-the-limit scallop cases being made in Taylor County waters.
The goal was to arrest boaters who operated in a manner that put others at risk and to protect the bay scallop resource. The effort included officers on the water and land.

            The cases included:

  • July 1: Officers seized 4 gallons over the bag limit when a vessel with 3 people on board was found with 9 gallons of whole bay scallops.
  • July 1: Officers seized 12 gallons over the bag limit.
  • July 2: Seven gallons of bay scallops seized.
  • July3: Officers seized five gallons of bay scallops.
  • July 3: 16 gallons of bay scallops seized
  • July 4: Approximately 14 gallons of bay scallops seized.

These violations included over the daily bag limit or individuals making multiple trips to obtain more than the allowed daily limit. Officers then returned the scallops to the waters or donated the resource to local charity.

“Our officers take these types of resource violations seriously,” said Lt. Chuck Mincy, FWC Taylor County supervisor. “Essentially, the perpetrators are stealing opportunities from the legal harvesters who stay within the bag limits.”

Officers also issued 33 citations and 59 written warnings during the weekend for dive flag and other boating safety rule violations, as well as other resource and fishing license infractions.
Despite the high volume of boating traffic in Taylor County waters, there were no reported boating accidents or injuries for the area during the holiday weekend.

Lieutenant Chuck Mincy