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August 17, 2012

NOTE: Payment for purchased items may be made by cash, personal check or by credit card.
All Firearms transactions are subject to Federal, State and Local sales laws. Firearms transfers
will be handled by PERRY PAWNBROKERS at 1858 S Jefferson St, Perry, FL,
Phone 850-584-4300.
State and Local Sales Tax of 7% will be added to all Live and Silent Auction Items.

Friends of NRA partnered up with Legacy Quest Outdoors for a one of-a-kind, American Tobacco Walking Stick rich in history and appeal. These 80-100 year-old hand-split sticks originally served on a burley tobacco farm where they were used to hang tobacco in barns for curing each year. Years of repeated exposure to the elements as well as the natural juices from the tobacco has given each stick its own unique character and patina. Each 100% high-quality walking stick includes a handwrapped, select-grade rawhide grip and wrist lanyard and is embellished with a recessed decorative NRA medallion.

Both functional and attractive, this drop-point skinner is ideal for the big game hunter. Fitted with a hollow ground stainless steel blade, two-tone wood handle, mirror polished brass guard, this satin-finished knife with custom inlaid NRA medallion will not only look good in the field, but it will sit beautifully in your home or office inside its cherry, hinged glass-lid display case.

A statement piece unlike any other in your home, the Second Amendment Freedom Flame says it all. A brass wick weaved through a small hole in the center of this 11” x 11” hand-chipped slate connects to a tempered glass bowl below where lantern oil for lighting is securely held in a water-tight seal. The elegant stone is engraved with the Second Amendment, creating a striking yet decorative statement piece. Each is hand-made and assembled in Montana by Gallatin River Trading Co. for Friends of NRA.

Item # 4 ** “CALL TO ARMS” **
Beloved artist Brian Hart revisits Friends of NRA with his historically inspired and sentimental piece, “Call to Arms.” Hart tells the heart-wrenching story of soldier saying his goodbyes as he leaves for battle in this all too familiar scene for families and friends throughout the ages. Along with an NRA flag pin, this powerful print is accompanied by a historical replica document illustrating “George Washington’s Call to Arms,” a recruitment billboard posted by order of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Printed and framed in the U.S.A. by Mill Pond Press. Each is signed and consecutively numbered through 1,125 by Brian Hart.

Item # 5 ** HENRY GOLDEN BOY .22LR **
The Henry Golden Boy’s 20-inch blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass butt plate and gleaming Brasslite receiver, is an American-made beauty that marries past and present. In celebration of Friends of NRA’s 20 year history, this Lever-Action Long Rifle comes with exclusive nickel plate front band and butt plate and embellished with custom roll engraving. On its right side, the .22LR features the Franklin “Join or Die” snake and NRA logo. On its left side, the Gadsden coiled snake art is accompanied by the Friends of NRA 20-Year patriot logo and “Don’t Tread On Me” text. Exclusive to Friends of NRA and consecutively serialized “12NRA0001” through “12NRA1125.”

Exclusively reproduced by Loon Lake Decoy Company for Friends of NRA and specially-carved by artist Sam Nottleman, the Drake Pintail Decoy is an authorized, limited-edition NRA Reproduction of John Blair’s original 1865 Drake Pintail which currently resides with the Shelburne Museum Collection. This museum-quality decoy measures 5 1/2” H x 6” W x 17” L and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the Shelburne Museum and Loon Lake Decoy Company.

Your chance to own the ultimate in coolers for your boat or truck. This cooler is the standard
in keeping your drinks, wild game, or fish cold. Show your support for the Friends of NRA with the Patriot logo emblazed across the top.

Item # 8 ** NRA DRESS BUCKLE**
Wear your pride in style with this exclusive buckle design from Mt. Silversmiths. The NRA block letter logo is featured front and centered on this 2” x 2 1/2” nickel silver buckle. Surrounding “NRA” is a scroll pattern and silver barbwire border with 4-corner stars.

Item # 9 ** “ALLEGIANCE” – 2012 PRINT OF THE YEAR **
Celebrated artist Cole Johnson returns once again as the artist behind this year’s Friends of NRA Print of the Year. Johnson uses his signature graphite powder and pencil medium to portray a patriot standing stoically in front of the iconic Betsy Ross Flag. Friends of NRA collaborated with Johnson to form a distinctive piece to celebrate the program’s 20 years of existence and support of the shooting sports. The patriot, a representative figure for Friends of NRA throughout the years, serves as a symbol for both the program and the freedoms in which it fights to preserve. In honor of the program’s significant milestone, the 2012 Print of the Year is matched with a bronzed-finish Friends of NRA 20th Anniversary Coin recessed into the matting. The overall piece is double matted in a top cream mat and bottom gray mat and then framed in an elegant executive leather black frame.

Item # 10 ** 2012 KNIFE OF THE YEAR **
Canal Street Cutlery and Legacy Quest Outdoors joined forces with Friends of NRA to bring you the exquisite 2012 Friends of NRA Knife of the Year— a 8 ½” Catskill Drop Point Hunting Knife and Display. Using reclaimed extinct American chestnut for the knife’s handle, the classically designed hunting knife features a mirror-polished, D2 carbon tool steel blade with nickel silver guard, and a top-grain leather wet-formed sheath. Each knife includes a recessed NRA rivet on the handle, and are sequentially numbered from “NRA0001” to “NRA1150” on the bolster. This collector’s piece is handmade in the USA and includes a handwritten lot code for discovering the story behind the rustic frame’s origin.

Weighing an incredible 6 lbs., the Ultra Light is arguably the lightest 12 GA semi-automatic shotgun ever produced. The Ultra Light sports a featherweight alloy receiver, shortened magazine tube and a unique raised target rib made from the same super-light, super-strong carbon fiber employed in Formula 1 racecars. Chambered to shoot anything from field loads to 3 magnums, the Ultra Light features a two-lug rotating bolt head that lines up steel-to-steel inside the barrel. Both the stock and fore-end are sealed with a five-step process that makes it impervious to any kind of weather while enhancing the fancy figure of the upgraded walnut stock. Each includes the Crio® System with three chokes (IC, M, F) The 2012 Gun of the Year also features an NRA grip cap design and are individually serialized in sequential order from “NRA0001” through “NRA1200” and packaged with a custom Benelli Hard Case with matching 20th Anniversary Friends of NRA logo.

Warm up your outdoor gatherings safely and stylishly with the Friends of NRA fire pit ring. Using a four-panel, modular design, the 32” round by 9” H bonfire accessory is decked out with alternating NRA monograms and Friends of NRA patriot cutouts. Each comes with an NRA custom traveling bag for safe-keeping.

Leader in the American Revolutionary War, presider over our constitution, and the first president of this great nation, George Washington served as America’s Commander-In-
Chief in more ways than one. In this Montana Bronze resin sculpture based off Friends of NRA’s 2010 “Keep These Colors Flying” painting by artist Brian Hart, a regal and stoic George Washington rides horseback proudly holding the Betsy Ross flag. Produced by Big Sky Carvers, Washington’s dignified figure sits upon a faux marble base featuring the Friends of NRA patriot logo on its felt-lined bottom and a brass tag on its side with the popular “Freedom Is Not Free” and “National Rifle Association” text. Each measures 9 1/4” W x 4” D x 12” H and is consecutively numbered on the tag “1 of 1125.”

The inspiring words President Ronald Reagan once spoke to the people of Berlin will forever mark the beginning of the end of the Cold War. As a tribute to his message of freedom, Friends of NRA conceptualized and designed this exclusive Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” piece featuring an iconic photo of Reagan’s infamous address matched with an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, recessed Presidential Seal coin, and detailed caption recounting the monumental moment in history on parchment paper. Assembled by hand and framed in the U.S.A. by Mill Pond Press.

Secure your favorite long guns for the long haul with the Boyt H-51 Series Double Long Gun Case. Bearing a desert tan exterior with black handles and adhesive tab with the NRA block letter logo on top, this 53 1/2” x 17 1/4” x 7” sturdy case safely protects your firearms from the outside elements with steel powder-coated field-replaceable draw latches, a water-tight and dust-proof o-ring seal and a customizable 5” foam interior. Each is made in the USA and designed exclusively for Friends of NRA.

Item # 16 **WINNER’S CHOICE**
We will auction off the firearm not chosen on the winner’s choice game.

Item # 17 ** BILL OF RIGHTS**
Conceived to limit federal powers and protect the natural rights of liberty and property for all U.S. citizens, the Bill of Rights stands as one of the nation’s most important documents today. Friends of NRA digitally reproduced this irreplaceable piece of American history on a premier A1-grade veneered hard maple tablet, stained with an aged document finish on the front, and furnished it with a wall hanging wire for easy mounting in your home. Each H tablet is lasered with the NRA logo and then sequentially numbered “1 of 1125.” Produced by craftsmen in North Carolina exclusively for Friends of NRA.

Item # 18 ** JEEP PEDAL CAR**
Only this Jeep is built for play or display. This exclusive Friends of NRA Pedal Jeep is outfitted in rich American military symbolism including a classic olive drab green finish, unique “NRA 3Δ83R” coding on its side and front bumper, large yellow star on the front hood, and traction-ready wheels.

Item # 19 ** RED RYDER BB GUN **
Back by popular demand, Daisy Outdoors delivers the classic model 1938 Red Ryder BB
with commemorative Friends of NRA 20th Anniversary Edition enhancements. This special-     edition Red Ryder features a special dark stain on the solid wood stock and forend, the Red Ryder logo relocated on the stock’s left side with the Friends of NRA 20th Anniversary coin recessed into its right side, gold-finish forearm band, and “Limited Edition Red Ryder” text scrolled across the receiver’s right side. The 1938 Red Ryder is a lever action, spring air in .177 caliber BB gun equipped with blade and ramp front sight, adjustable open rear sight, smooth bore steel barrel, cross bolt trigger block safety, and weighs in at a remarkable 2.2 pounds. Made
in America and produced exclusively for Friends of NRA, this limited-edition blast from the past is sequentially numbered “1 of 1125” on the forearm.