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The Barbecue Dining Boat!


For those looking to wine, dine, and coast leisurely in the middle of a lake, Hammacher Schlemmer has just the thing for you, as their Barbecue Dining Boat allows you to do all of that in a boat that fits up to ten adults.

The Barbecue Dining Boat by Hammacher Schlemmer comes with a built-in barbecue grill, an umbrella, and a trolling motor that you can use to coast around in the body of water it is situated in.  The steel charcoal grill is surrounded by an ABS table with 10 place settings that includes a recessed plate holder, three beverage holders, and a silverware tray.

In addition to all of that, six compartments beneath the seats can be used to store food and supplies for all-day cookouts.

You can own your own Barbecue Dining Boat for $50,000.