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DATE:       April 18, 2013

TO:           USF & NRA Members and Friends

FROM:      Marion P. HammerUSF Executive Director NRA Past President

Visibly stunned and angry, President Obama turned to the media yesterday to attack NRA and pro-gun US Senators for yesterday’s defeat of his gun control package.  At the same time, he vowed to continuing pushing his misguided agenda.

Neither the “universal background check,” the “assault weapons ban,” nor the “high capacity magazine ban”  would have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Yet the President continually used that horrific event to try to advance his political agenda.

All amendments required 60 votes to pass — none passed.

Background Check Amendment —  Defeated 54-46
Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban — Defeated 40-60
Ban on High-Capacity Magazines — Defeated 46-54
National Concealed Carry Reciprocity — Defeated 57-43
Veterans Gun Rights — Defeated — 56-44

IN FLORIDA at the same time the votes were being taken in the US Senate, action to protect Second Amendment rights was taking place on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives.

A House Memorial, by Rep. Neil Combee, HM-545 admonishing the President of the US and the US Congress to protect the Second Amendment and uphold their Oath of office PASSED overwhelmingly by a vote of 81-36.

HM-545 by Rep. Neil Combee (R) Relating to Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a Memorial declaring to the President of the United States and the United States Congress, the intent of the Florida House to use all of its authority and power to protect the citizens of the State of Florida against any federal gun control measure that violates the right of the people of Florida to keep and bear arms.

Click here to   READ HM-545