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Watercraft Sports King Boaterhome

back of boaterhome

When we were tipped off to the auction of a 1987 Sport King Boaterhome on eBay, our first question was, “What the hell is a boaterhome?” The honest answer is, a boaterhome is the coolest freaking thing we have ever seen. It’s a 1987 Ford 1-ton van on a custom chassis that carries a 28-foot V-hull boat on the back. The nose of the boat fits into the back of the van cab and there’s even a pass through! It must get horrible mileage, it probably rides weird and we’re guessing that the front wheel drive is achieved by using a transfer case to send power to a 4×4 front axle. We want this!

This looks like some type of prop from a 1980s television show, but according to the ad, 21 of the large, weird vehicles were built. The boat is a 28-foot Sport King model with a 260ci Marine Chevy V8 that has only been run for five hours according to the seller.

Just the sight of this monster at the local boat ramp would draw huge crowds. It’s audacious and over the top. The seller said that launching the boat is as easy as backing down the ramp and allowing the boat to float off. It seems to us that the FWD configuration may not be the best for the truck to use while dragging itself up a steep, wet boat ramp, but what do we know?

The auction ended on April 28th with what appears to be a successful sale at $21,000. Even if you ditch the truck (which could be made into a race car hauler quickly and easily) that seems to be a pretty good deal for the boat.

Back to that 1980s thing. Can’t you see David Hasselhoff, playing Michael Knight’s evil twin brother Garth on Knight Rider, steaming off into the sunset, cheesy mustache and all in this creation? It’s super villain escape pod perfection!

We wish we knew the buyer so we could scam a ride!


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